July 27, 2017

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) plays a vital role in all the industries. In addition to personal safety for employees, environment, health and safety issues have become more prevalent and complex. Effective safety management, environment events, safe work environments and even risks associated with environmental contaminant exposure are all essential pieces of an overall EHS program

Panlyseis partners with your company to provide services from program creation and OSHAS 18001 complaint Safety Management Systems to auditing facilities and implementing solutions such as hazard mitigation and training.

We can help you improve processes and procedures for your employees and business, reduce risk, and analyze where potential gaps in your program are costing you money.

Keeping your people safe starts with a solid, compliant program. At Panlyseis, we provide a wide range of services to assist you.

Our experts provide solutions to address any issue from immediate environmental and occupational health and safety concerns and catastrophes, to the development of strategic initiatives that support your processes.

Our range of EHS services includes:

Program Development and Implementation

  1. Safety Management System creation
  2. Hazard Identification
  3. Risk Management
  4. Procedure Development and Implementation
  5. Safety Committees
  6. Records Management
  7. Chemical and GHS Compliance
  8. Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  9. Worker’s Compensation Reduction Programs

Audits and Inspections

  1. OSHA Compliance Audits
  2. Non Compliance Mitigation Support
  3. Multi-facility expertise

Emergency Planning

  1. Emergency Action Plans
  2. Fire Prevention Plans
  3. Active Shooter Training


  1. New Hire Orientation
  2. Contractor Safety and Selection
  3. Globally Harmonized Systems
  4. Custom Company Specific EHS Training


  1. Environmental Compliance Plans
  2. Remediation Management


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