December 19, 2016

Panlyseis 4PL Cold Chain Logistics Service

When You Need To Deliver

The growth of global demand for fresh food across borders and platforms have created new challenges that require new logistics management approach.

From farming, food processing, food packaging to distribution, not only do companies require control-tower visibility, the demand for food safety and compliance is the top priority of many supply chain managers.

There is now a growing need for skilled logistics team and systems to be in place in order to fully support the business growth.

These challenges have given rise to higher operating costs, inefficiencies, and greater safety exposure.

Clients work with us to achieve a more integrated supply chain that delivers results and reliability to their stakeholders.

Specifically, we help clients:

  1. Optimise shipping and transport operations
  2. Coordinate suppliers
  3. Integrate supply chain technologies
  4. Right-sizing your distribution network
    • site selection
    • transport mode selection
    • routing
    • inventory and transport costs


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