August 25, 2017

Panlyseis Certification

Panlyseis Certification

Panlyseis Certification ensures your team is up to speed and adhering to global quality management systems. We help train, audit and work with your team to ensure that your products and services meet all trusted standards.

The challenges of global marketplace are varied. From consumers seeking safe, reliable products to government authorities across borders demanding companies meet safety standards.

This mean companies seeking entry into new markets need to have the proficiency to adhere to both local and international standards and requirements.

We help companies seeking certification programmes with their systems development, training and pre-certification auditing; ensuring that your team and processes are verifiable, accountable and dependable.

At Panlyseis, we work with all the leading Certification Authority, to help you showcase and maintain proper product’s safety and processes. Our team and expertise in regulatory standards and certifications keeps you ahead of changes and challenges. We help enhance your capabilities and knowledge from sourcing to market positioning; bringing solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and meet best industry practices.